Diamond H Embroidery 
~ Every Stitch Made Custom Just For You! ~


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What WE can do FOR YOU

Whatever your needs or desires, we are willing to do what we can to make it happen!  We can embroider on almost anything from really light polo shirts to heavy carhartt coats or even
horse blankets.  We can embroider a full coat back or simply add small brands on a sleeve.   We can also do all around hats
including on the mesh of trucker style hats
(see photo gallery).  The possibilites are endless! 
Let US know what YOU want!  We will work with you to make your custom embroidery experience the best.

There is a first time digitizing fee. 
To digitize small logos such as a chest  or hat logo it's $30.00

or for larger logos such as large coat backs it is $60.00. 

I get all of my digitizing done professionally. 

If it is something simple like a brand or a name then I can keep it in house.

There is a $1.00 hooping fee for each time an item has to be hooped. (via how many different logos embroidered per item)

Second and third hoopings are also a charge of $1.00 there are no breaks over 100 items for these extra hoopings.

$5.00 per hoop on horse blankets.

$10.00 per hoop on folding chairs. 

Stitches start at $1.00 per 1,000 stitch and drop after 8,000 (.95 cents per stitch), 12,000 stitches (.85 cents per stitch), and 15,000 stitches (.75 cents per stitch). 

There is no additional fees for thread color change, backing, etc.

Heat Press
Laser printed shirts .10 cents per square inch. 

Foil is an option with the laser printed shirts and is an additional .08 cents per square inch. 

Shirt vinyl - 
is priced at .07 cents per square inch for plain colored and
.08 for metallic, reflective and glitter. 

Screen Print Transfers - 
they start at .06 cents per square inch

Decals - 
are .11 cents per square inch. 

If a logo is small and the square inches are less then $1.00, 
you will be charged the full $1.00. 
This is our minimum price. 

There is no additional fee for having to press an item
muliple times. 

To get a vectorized version of your own logo,
is a ONE-TIME set-up charge of $20.00.   

Each color will be charged in its own square inches not as a whole logo.

If you have questions on what to use and how to care for each just ask!

We are available to do shirts for tournaments as well.  We need at least a 2 week heads up to be able to prepare for a tournament.  You can even customized your own shirt for your tournament!   

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